OCTOBER 3 - 6, '13

Virden Retreat Center, U of DE., Lewes, De.



Come spend an informative, relaxing, fun-filled weekend with fellow beachcombers, sea glass collectors, and coastal lovers to learn more about the treasures you find at the shore. Meet and mingle with many of the nation's leading ocean, coastal, beachcomb, beach ceramics, sea glass, shipwreck and stone experts, authors and artists as they share their knowledge and expertise.

Lectures, films, field trips, beach arts workshops and artifact I.D sessions are guaranteed to provide you with a broader view of factors that affect where and how to beachcomb; what you find on the shore and why; and tricks to help you determine an artifact's origin. An in-house Beach Arts Bazaar runs concurrently, enabling you to view and purchase a variety of items including loose Bahama sea glass and English "Lucky Dip," vintage Asian fishing floats, sea glass and shell jewelry, signed beachcomb books, and much, much more.

On Sunday, Oct. 6th, the conference segues into COAST DAY, an annual ocean-related event sponsored by the University of Delaware. Coast Day attracts thousands of people who come to view boats and marine items, attend lectures, sample seafood cuisine, and shop for coastal crafts. This is a really fun event so you might want to plan on staying an extra night!

The Virden Retreat Center conference site, adjacent to Delaware Bay and the historic port of Lewes, offers combers the perfect place to gain firsthand knowledge of this region of the beachcomb world. From American Indians and colonialists, to pirate and merchant shipwreck treasure, to Victorian seaside resorts, Delaware and Maryland beaches offer combers a wide selection of "beach candy" from pieces of eight and black glass shards to shells, driftwood and pottery shards.

Constructing a toWer this high takes lots of LEGO cubes. Many of our project's appreciators have providedOur team members from their private collection, but the target would never be achieved without the great support of thousands of allies.

The BEACHCOMB ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL (BAI) will co-sponsor this event. BAI is dedicated to promoting beachcomb education, enjoyment and stewardship of the world's shorelines through conferences, workshops, publications, "low tide" clubs, and more. We hope all who attend the conference (and even those who don't) will consider becoming a member of this group. Many fun and worthwhile activities are already in the planning stages.

So what are you waiting for?

We'll see you at the beach in Delaware the weekend of October 4th

We promise you'll never see the beach in the same way again!